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four more years of barack obama. chicago takes center stage at the democratic national convention with the mayor, the governor and the first lady is the city's big night and good evening to we have been covering the dnc since day one let's take a look at our report tonight. as a general rule the democratic party has always been inclusive and women have had leading roles and certainly you will see that when the dnc officially came to order thursday women came to the front seat. pro-choice vs. anti- abortion with cops brought in to referee one of the distinct differences between republicans and democrats it's also what has democratic women very hot under the collar and ready for battle for what many say the war on women. there is a war on women believe it. it was the overriding seam at the dnc opening day the president's health and human services secretary warned it could be back to the dark ages if women do not step up for obama it slashes child care, head start would get rid of the health-care laws it destroys medicare as we know what that's all about us in our lives. it's no slee
are at the democratic national convention. >> president barack obama is getting ready to take the stage in about an hour but the vice president joe biden is on the stage right now excited the crowd said, earlier he said 6 like romney and president barack obama are vastly different and he also said president barack obama has a spine of steel and after he speaks it will be senator dick durbin from illinois who will introduce the president as he did at the convention in 2008. >> our top story here at home scene around the country tonight, the drew peterson a verdict, the jury has found him guilty of murder. hong >> >> justice tonight for kathleen savio's family who believe that drew peterson kilter, the defense prosecution calling him a thug who headed thehid behind a badge. drew peterson showed no emotion as the guilty verdict was read kathleen savio's family hog and cried, who was knocked unconscious into drowned in her bathtub. >> i always knew that he killed her. i was always there for my sister and i will be there to the end. >> we must take this as a warning sign and do something about i
. republican mitt romney points to the latest lackluster employment numbers while president obama is asking the voters to give him more time >>here in wisconsin, we're not better off under president obama the mitt romney campaign launched this new ad in wisconsin on sunday - it's part of a series of 16 spots being released in nine following the theme of a better future. create over 240,000 new jobs for wisconsin august jobs numbers released friday probably won't do much to bolster president obama's claims progress is being made. 96,000 positions were created for the month, but that's not enough to keep up with the number of new people looking for jobs. and economists say the drop in the unemployment rate to 8 point 1 may have resulted from some job searchers giving up. the figures were not lost on the republican challenger - this is really saying people are having a hard time finding work -- very very troubling president obama, who spent sunday campaigning in the key battleground state of florida ridiculed the republican ticket's plan for prosperity: tax cuts, tax cuts, gut a few regulatio
hit and always the last to be repaired. >> president obama is still scheduled to visit the storm-ravaged areas hit by hurricane stike on monday, labor day. >> a construction worker was critically injured in an explosion and fire on the west side. it happened at a small strip mall at 5:30 this evening. police say the worker was rehabbing the building using a cutting torch, and they say the tool may have caused an explosion in the building. the store front collapsed. the man is suffering from burns and taken to mount sinai hospital for treatment. >> a number of people remain homeless tonight after a fire spread from one building to two adjacent building in the logan square neighborhood last night. home video shows the intensity of the blaze, which forced an unknown number of people out of their arms and into the street. one of the victims said it was all so unreal. >> like a movie, you know what i mean? just all calm and surreal for a second, and you start thinking about your personal things, your pictures and things you have and that ar
talking and president barack obama could be making his way into the arena in just a bit. the crowd here behind me is going wild for sandra flow could just hit the stage remember she is the one that rush limbaugh called a slut when she mandated for government funded birth control. let's talk about the biggest story going on right now the change of venue for president barack obama speech tomorrow night. the news came down early in the day the front of bad weather would force the dnc to shut down the president's open air venue thursday night. we were disappointed we couldn't make it work but ultimately it public safety comes above everything else. i wouldn't say i am mad but i am disappointed a lot of people came a long way i drove 10 hours yesterday and it's kind of frustrating that i won't get there. instead obama plans a conference call for those who were unable to watch a live from the arena. we're not going to get on a conference call, let's be real. the time warner cable arena decided the first two nights of the convention will be the new venue a building one-third the size of the s
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from both sides of the presidential race today. president obama and mitt romney swung it out on the campaign trail, while their political allies had their say on the sunday morning talk shows. cristina mutchler has more. >> on sunday morning talk shows politicians from both parties sounded off about the presidential campaign in the upcoming election >> when the american people are asked which canada is better to move the economy forward over the next four years the majority of them say president obama >> president obama talks about jobs at a weekend the bend >>event >> i am fighting to create american jobs. i am improving schools in the united states of america. i do not believe in just looking out for workers which or poorich or poor, i'm going to look out for everybody >> mitt romney says his goal is to make sure president obama loses his job >> he said he cannot fix washington from the inside a, i can only be done from the outside. >> both candidates have a lot more campaigning to do before november >> a houston police officer is on leave after shooting and killing
. but, he said there were no indications she was depressed. president barack obama takes center stage tonight at the democratic national convention. last night former president bill clinton stole the stage ... praising mister obama for reforming healthcare and saving the auto industry. he also told the crowd the president has a better path forward for the next four years. if you want a winner take all on your own society use it you should support the republican ticket ... but if you want a country of share opportunities and responsibility-a we are a couple in this together society you ought to vote for barack obama and joe biden ...recent polls show president obama and mitt romney are in a dead heat. when president obama takes the podium and the convention tonight... he will be introduced by illinois senator dick durbin. wgn's frank holland is live in charlotte, north carolina with more on this prestigious honor for durbin. the theme for the campaign is forward ... but the democrats on looking back at the speech delivered by bill clinton last night and the president is looking back o
. >>first lady michelle obama took the stage for opening night of the democratic national convention. she spoke about her husband's upbringing and the course he has set for the country. >>i have gotten to see up close and personal what being president really looks like ... i can honestly say that when it comes to his character conviction and his heart barack obama is still the same man that i fell in love with all of those years ago ... >>the first lady also said her husband has proved his values, vision and courage. she made the pitch for the president's re-election bid saying he was the same person who voters embraced four years ago. thousands of obama supporters got some bad news today ... when they found out they won't be able to attend the president's convention speech. wgn's frank holland is live at the dnc in charlotte with details. >>tens of thousands of credential holders were hoping to see barack obama outside the back of the bank of america stadium ... but since it is getting taken indoors there's not enough room ... delegates and others were hoping to see another out tour a
that stays around for a long time can stress the system. ship traffic is still limited. obama plans to visit the area on monday. mr. romney's officially kicks off the general election after giving his acceptance speech but did he get up stage by another act. how clint eastwood's interesting performance at the convention is lighting up the world of social media. get in early for sears labor day mattress spectacular. for the first time ever, get 36-month special financing save up to 60% plus get an extra 10% off with free delivery. this is a wakeup call. this is sears. ♪ ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ ♪ it goes something like this ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out. with hotwire's low prices, we can afford to take an extra trip this year. first boston... then san francisco. hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so our hotels were half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ ♪ hotwire.
opinion is not by looking folkslocking folks up. he worked with then state senator barack obama and he says derek smith needs to step aside. enough is enough, time is up selfless politics is over, the true democrats, myself are stepping up to make sure that we end the process. how about this a deal may be in the works that could end the nfl's referee strike. we are here with the latest on the negotiations. twitter is beginning to buzz. there is a game tomorrow night they will have to work fast if they are going to end the lockout for this week. they have apparently been talking all day the final hurdle we understand is just a little bit more money but the two sides are pretty close on most everything else it would be more like minor league call-up in major league baseball. they have reportedly taken at physicals or will take new physicals so they will be ready for the weekend. it's embarrassing obviously to everybody. >> coming up, cook county to close the budget deficit of more than $100 million why taxpayers will have to worry about filling that gap. also on monday we told you abou
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of one massacre victim asked the obama administration to begin collecting statistics on hate crimes against sikhs. mayor emanuel is considering raising chicago's taxes on amusements and cigarettes to close a 369-million dollar budget shortfall for next year. the move could make the city's tax on sports tickets the highest in the nation, bumping it from nine to ten percent. tax on theater tickets could also be raised to five percent. it's not clear how much the cigarette tax might go up, but the state increased its tax by a dollar a pack last year. the mayor will unveil his budget in three weeks. you may have a problem if you're flying with american airlines anytime soon. pilots hit the picket lines today over a contract dispute with the company. as a result, american has canceled 300 flights through september 23rd. management blames pilots for calling in sick to protest impending job cuts. american has anounced that 11,000 workers could lose their jobs, as the company fights to get out of bankruptcy. american also plans to cut its october schedule by as much as 2%. august was a str
orleans. those in the audience did not like the comments when president obama's signature health care law should be repealed. >> the first step to a strong medicare is to repeal obama care. it represents the worst of both worlds. i had a feeling there would be mixed reaction. let me get into it. >> president obama spoke to the same person earlier via satellite. the claim by republicans that $760 billion is being cut from medicare to fund health care is simply not true. pat quinn had good news from joliet. but some of them there wanted to tell them something as well. the governor was in joliet to kick off construction on a $42 million transportation hub. but some state workers protested. they say they're not happy with pension cuts and deferred pay increases. stopped on the chicago high-speed rail line creating 400 construction jobs. he called out the protesters saying state workers have gotten a 45% pay increase in the last eight years. two decades of shuttle flights ended friday when endeavour ended at l.a.x. airport after a three-day cross-country trip. the
he expects to haul $3 million. president obama raising over $140 million last month romney not far behind with 111 million. it's the first time since april that he has had a fund-raising edge. there appears to be a bit of a convention bump for the president, to polls out tonight show the president opened with a slight lead against mitt romney. both polls are outside of the market however the romney campaign, a post convention sugar high is what it was called and they hope the number will come down. back in afghanistan and already being targeted by the taliban. nato secretary general responded his first tour was in 2000 and eight. still to come, he touched their lives and now they are changing is a suburban teacher gets a helping hand from some of its former students then later why parents should feel guilty about letting their babies cry it out in the middle of the night sometimes. 4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart.
the united states condemns in the strongest terms this shocking attack ... president obama says justice will be done after an attack that killed the u.s. ambassador to libya. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. at this moment u.s. drone is are going to fly over libya to seek out jihadist encampments ... ambassador j. christopher stevens and three american security staffers were killed when protesters attacked the u.s. consulate in the city of benghazi. the protesters were angry over an online film considered offensive to islam. libya's deputy prime minister said stevens was a friend to his nation. and libya's general national congress issued an apology for the attack. president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton condemned the attack. we will not rest until those responsible for these attacks are found and brought to justice we are working closely with libyan authorities to work swiftly ... the same movie that triggered the attack in libya also sparked a vio
barack obama came to the plant in the south side of chicago and that was after he rescued the auto industry chrysler for example when he became president had 200 jobs now has 4000 jobs the ford plant had one ship and now has three ships. but there are people who work outside of the auto industry what do we say to those people who still don't have jobs after four years? they have done an outstanding job and there's more work to be done by joining forces with the program we have to find jobs for the veterans and illinois and across america has more than exceeded their target and we have to keep on doing this for everybody. how much different will the dnc be that the rnc? >> last night it was all about fiction, making up things that had no relationship to fact. there's a lot of mudslinging towards the president this time it will be about truth i think president barack obama understands and believes in an optimistic positive message and he will lay out his record in what he wants to do in the second term and i think that will carry the day the people of our country do not want a negat
the obama administration is circulating a draft executive order, that would shield vital computer networks from cyber attacks. the attack escalated last week, flooding bank websites with traffic, making them unavailable to customers. a u.s. official says the attack waged by a still-unidentified group outside the country. republican presidential nominee mitt romney takes his campaign to pennsylvania. he attended a rally at valley forge military academy and college. meantime, it appears romney's campain is trying to lower expectations as he heads into his first debate against president obama. romney will debate the president in denver on wednesday. romney's campaign adviser released a memo that outlines why president obama should win the debate, including the president has a lot more experience and is a great public speaker. a so-called "super pac" that supports president obama gets a major boost. george soros will donate one million dollars to "priorities usa action." the former hedge fund manager will also give 500,000 dollars to 2 super pacs that back congressional democrats. so far this
obama took the weekend off to prepare for this week's big debate. great weather today. >> it was absolutely fantastic but can we repeat it tomorrow? well, not exactly. i'll have details and the forecast still ahead. [ female announcer ] what's a powerful way to cut through everyday greasy messes? [ male announcer ] sponges take your mark. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] one drop of ultra dawn has twice the everyday grease cleaning ingredients of one drop of the leading non-concentrated brand... ♪ ♪ [ crowd cheering ] clean 2x more greasy dishes. dawn does more. so it's not a chore. [ bell tolls ] so, why are we up here? because farmers offers a new-roof discount? [ thudding ] oh, boy. yep. and it's an agent's job to help people find new ways to save. there's some cool stuff up here. there sure is. [ man ] look what i found. it's a fiddler on the roof. ♪ [ up-tempo country ] what are the chances? [ announcer ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >> tonight a young man is acc
have some? ♪ ♪ >> president obama and mitch romney will engage in their first debate next week. the romney campaign is lowering their expectations. a campaign adviser for rana released a memo that outlines why the president will pretty much when this debate. among the reasons he listed the president has a lot more experience and is a great public speaker. they will take part in a total of three debates. he debated in the battleground state of pennsylvania today. he told soldiers he didn't know how many of them could support president barack obama when he is cutting military spending and opportunities for college students are decreasing. we >> if i'm elected president i will get us back on a road of wealth and prosperity. >> he also called israeli prime minister today and he criticized president barack obama for not meeting with him this week during the early prime minister's visit to the united nations, he won it then you and leaders' summit. president barack obama also talked to the israeli prime minister over the phone today they talked for 20 minutes, the white house says t
obama to spend another four years in office .. despite the sluggish economy. wgn's frank holland is live in charlotte with more. at the delegates meeting this morning everyone was looking forward ... 4 illinois speakers on the agenda and in november they believe they have the right candidates to sweep the congressional election ... no punches were polled during the illinois delegate meeting this morning they believe they can sweep the congressional races ... tammy duckworth and joe walsh are where democrats are most confident ... congresswoman jan schakowsky led the charge against controversial congressman was a fishwalsh ... >>he is an embarrassment to congress and an embarrassment to the republican party >>it is also believed that mrs. obama is crucial to this election ... tammy duckworth well addressed the delegates between seven and eight central and that's followed by other members of the delegation including the governor and the mayor ... it is important to remind democrats and independents of the accomplishments of this administration and the first four years osama bin-laden ..
involved ... president obama accepted his second nomination, and laid out his vision for the future on the closing night of the democratic national convention. wgn's frank holland reports from charlotte on reaction to the president's speech. >>four years ago the president's campaign slogan of hope and change energize the democrats and it was easy to understand this new campaign slogan of foreword is a bit harder members of the dnc was wondering about the message brought forth in the acceptance speech for the nomination >>he made a great speech we have a better picture are where we're heading ... >>he said it's not an easy change that would of been brought about instantly four years ago >>people believe there was more realism this time around the idea of the ford seem continues the hope and change ... he highlighted the passage of health care reforms the bailout of the auto industry in the end to the war in iraq ... he also spoke of the difficulties faced in the white house and how you struggle with difficulties when you are the president in making certain critical decisions ...
career it would also restrict him from boston and new york. president obama and matt ronni hit the road to sway those undecided clint eastwood explained this speech, or chats to the empty chair at the republican convention and how he came up with the idea. ot sfilodour with hotwire's low prices, we can afford to take an extra trip this year. first boston... then san francisco. hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so our hotels were half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ ♪ ♪ for wall street had a good day but another on inspiring jobs report. only 96,000 jobs added last month. the unemployment rate is now with 8.1 percent down from 8.3 but that drop is mostly because they say people to give up looking for work in july. the conventions are over and presidential candidates are on the campaign trail. wii to fillwe need to come out of this crisis stronger than when we came in. and there is much more we can do. his policies have created four and half million jobs the net gain is 300,000 jobs mitt romney is saying president o
the obama campaign is capitalizing within at airing in ohio. mitt romney attacked 47 percent of americans who pay no income tax including veterans elderly and disabled doesn't the president have to worry about everyone? the ad points out that ronni paid an income tax rate of only 14 percent said that obama's ad is trying to fool people by mischaracterizing his view on the issue. campaigning aggressively in must win colorado the president said anti-american protests are bombs on the road to democracy. >> and ambassador was assassinated we had 20,000 people killed in syria these are not bombs in the road these are human lives. ronni declaring himself a leader who will shape the events in the mideast not to be at the mercy of them. and secretary of state hilary clinton will gather in new york for the annual meeting of the united nations general assembly the middle east is expected to dominate discussions. russia and china is also on the table in sir block against sanctions against syria. this morning secretary of state hilary clinton addressed the issue saying the world will not tolerate mo
. president obama said the attacks are not simply an assault on america.. but also an assault on the ideals upon which the united nations was founded. republican presidential candidate mitt romney says the u.s. could ease unrest overseas by ending handouts, and linking foreign aid to free enterprise. romney says he and others are troubled by recent events in the middle east and elsewhere. romney spoke this morning at the annual clinton global initiative meeting in new york. president obama will also address the gathering today. >>we somehow feel that we're at the mercy of events rather than shipping events ... a new poll shows 40% of voters are not satisfied with the choices in this year's presidential election. the poll was conducted by the pew research center and the washington post. it was done after the deadly attacks on the u.s. consulate in libya... and hidden camera video surfaced of republican mitt romney. the survey finds democrats are more satisfied with obama than republicans are with romney. only 45% of independent voters are satisfied with either of the candidates. it's natio
benefits of president obama's national health care plan. actor and comedian bill murray tried to steal the show... literally... at the ryder cup celebrity golf outing. the tournament begins on friday. yesterday, fans watched golf legends and celebrities play a golf scramble. stars included bill murray, justin timberlake, swimmer michael phelps and former bull scottie pippen. murray had some fun... trying to walk away the the ryder cup trophy tucked into his sweater.later... he and singer justin timberlake got a little carried away. coming up next: iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad addresses the u.n. general assembly claiming he's committed to peace, but accuses other world powers of double standards. also ahead, campaigning heats up-- the presidential candidates head to the swing state of ohio today. and, the music community mourns legendary crooner andy williams. noú]@?@ó@,ç?ú@ó@46ú?ñstú] ç@xúópç0ó<@Ñp=pe÷w@wtñúh ú[l÷@úÑú%úfú÷w@pl0l@f@oúñ@i@/@r@[x@ó oxqúp÷ú<ú?@póñpúúóúñpvú>ñ÷.p;ú?@cñú+ xyú=nw v @Ñ 0úkñÑú?p@kúwúz0(ú?(> né
criticism of his 47% statements by attacking president barack obama. >> a report on the botched >> ronni is not backing down from his intelligent comments about 47 percent of americans being dependent on government. the question is who can help the poor into the middle class icahn, he can't, he has proven it in four years. according to the latest poll 36 percent of voters say that romney's statement make them less likely to vote for him. romney is fighting back against president barack obama by using his own words against him. >> the trick is figuring out how we structure government system that pulls resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because i actually believe in free distribution at least a certain level to make sure that everybody has a shot. >> the president's comments are said to have come from his appearance at loyola university in 1998 when he was a state senator. president obama was criticized for saying it was good to spread the wealth around. congressman jesse jackson jr. has put his washington d.c. home up for sale. for two and a half million dollars. he has
the fault of agents in arizona ... or if the obama administration played a major role. more controversial remarks from republican presidential candidate mitt romney have surfaced - this time about chicago. romney suggested a pro-iranian terrorist could hold america ransom by threatening to blow up chicago with a nuclear bomb romney later explained that the u.s. could be blackmailed by iran ... and that's why it's important to keep iran from having a nuclear weapon. that video came from the same tape in which romney says the 47% of voters who don't support him don't pay taxes... rely on government... and think they are victims. an old video of president obama defending the redistribution of wealth has been posted on you tube. the president's comments are said to come from a 1998 appearance at loyola university .. when he was a state senator. president obama was criticized by republicans during the 2008 campaign when he told an audience in ohio that spreading wealth around was good for everybody. catching a ride from florida to california the spacecraft left cape canaveral around 6:15 this
on the internet. romney made the comments at a private fundraiser in may. the obama campaign issued a response, saying ... "it's hard to serve as president for all americans when you've disdainfully written off half the nation." in a news conference last night romney said his remarks were "off the cuff"... but defended the main message. romney's campaign is calling on the person who secretly recorded the speech to release the entire video and put it into context. an interesting footnote... the grandson of former president jimmy carter is listed as a research assistant on the story that brought the video into the national spotlight. james carter the fourth tracked down the anonymous source for the piece published by "mother jones" magazine. president obama has a star- spherestudded evening planned. first, he's headed to new york to tape an interview for the "late show with david letterman." this is the president's 7th appearance on "letterman." the president will also attend a campaign fundraising event hosted by singer beyonce. it will be held at the new york nightclub owned by her husband...
by authorities. in his weekly address, president obama promised justice for those who killed u-s amabassador to libya chris stevens and three other americans at the consulate. there is never any justification for violence. there is no religion that condones the targeting of innocent men and women. there is no excuse for attacks on our embassies and consulates. and so long as i am commander-in-chief, the united states will never tolerate efforts to harm our fellow americans. some say tuesday's attack was planned. it was a deliberate and pre- planned attack in every sense of the word. i was given enough details by witnesses. u-s officials say they have no evidence that the attack was premeditated. but as calm appeared to be restored in downtown cairo saturday, the scene of the first protest gives hope that other demonstrations will follow suit.i'm cristina mutchler reporting. pope benedict the 16-th is in lebanon on a trip aimed at uniting christians and muslims. the pontiff planned this visit before the unrest broke out this week over that anti- islamic film. streets leading to the pres
. more than a dozen others were injured. no americans were injured. president obama is focusing on the impact of the auto industry bailout, as he campaigns today in the key swing state of ohio. in cincinnati.. he made the case the auto bailout is fueling economic recovery in ohio. >>when they said that we should walk away from an industry that supports one out of eight jobs here in ohio ... i said that we would not go that way ... i bet on the american worker and three years later the american automobile industry has been roaring back.... >>the president is also announcing today his administration is filing a complaint with the world trade organization.. accusing china of providing one billion dollars in illegal subsidies to auto and auto-part exporters. the white house estimates up to 60 percent of china's automotive industry exporters benefit from the subsidies.. making it hard for american companies to compete. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is focusing on the economy as he addresses the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce this afternoon in los angeles. romney
the teachers' strike is a way to attack president obama he attended a private fund-raiser yester day before landing he released a statement that accuse the president of supporting teachers' unions instead of students saying the interest of the union's conflict with this interests of the students ... >> i know he is aware of it but i've not spoken with him about it cited not what his reaction is i know more broadly that our principal concern is for the students and his principal concern is for the students and families. >> >> the rodney tax cuts would reduce education funding. >> >> teachers at lake forest community has school district 115 filed an unfair labor practice claim against the board yesterday. a strike is scheduled to begin at midnight and mediation session ended last night without agreement for district 124 another is planned for a week ... >> >> teachers at this community has school district to a unanimous jury vote last week an exact date is not said yet but teachers could go on strike at some point this month. >> >> the nation remembers the man and women who gave thei
.51. nasdaq for 1.51 in the s&p 500 up 23. ... point. president obama was upbeat about the economy today on the trail in colorado. he said he is ready to work with republicans on the debt deal. mr. obama said he's already worked with them to cut a trillion dollars in spending. and he teased them a little and often to do his part to end partisan gridlock. >> i want their corporation. if they want i'll wash the car, a walk the dog for them to get the deal done for the american people. >> i'm confident it's going to work, i did not just that the economy in school, i lived the economy for 25 years. >> challenger mitt romney was talking up his economic plan at a rally in virginia. the republican presidential nominee insists that his focus on nurturing this success of entrepreneurs will bring the economy roaring back. >> why a priest over allegations of the crime that happened in the '70s has been allowed to return back to mem minister. >> and he's all part the man with an every year we pick a new city to explore. but thanks to hotwire, this year we got to take an extra trip. because
on track after a secretly recorded video surfaces characterizing president obama supporters. mother jones magazine published that video romney made the remarks at a fund-raiser in florida back and make it also said that palestinians have no interest in pursuing a peace agreement with israel and achieving a positive state is not possible. it's not elegantly stated i was speaking off the cuff in response to a question and i'm sure i could state more clearly in a more effective way that i did in a setting like that, we don't even have to question the full response and i hope the person who has the video would put out the full material. >> vice president joe biden responded to run these comments during an event in i was saying that the words speak for themselves. clint eastwood joked with entertainment tv show expert saying if someone is dumb enough to ask me to go to a political convention to say something they will have to take what they can get and he said that if asked to do it all over again he wouldn't be afraid to one more time. a french court ordered closer magazine to hand over topl
the deadly attack was most likely carried out by a pro al qaeda group. president obama has vowed justice will be done. u-s warships are on their way to the coast of libya, and unmanned drones are being sent to help search for the killers. we are just learning that the fbi has spoken to the filmmaker ... voters in florida who were purged from the rolls after mistakenly being labeled as non- citizens... will have their voting rights restored in time for the november election. earlier this year... 2600 voters were informed they would not be allowed to vote unless they proved their citizenship. critics accused the state of unfairly targeting latinos. yesterday, state officials announced a federal immigration database was used to confirm citizenship for more than 2,000 voters... and they are now eiligible to vote. apple unveiled a lighter thinner and faster i-phone yesterday... and it will be available to order on friday. the "i-phone 5" has a larger display screen, a better camera and a longer lasting battery. the charging port on the new model is smaller, making current chargers obsolete
obama and numerous officials in washington turned up to pay their respects. the united states of america will never retreat from the world. both killings of americans in libya and even more demonstration today at other u.s. embassies in the mideast are results of a backlash from an obscure california made film that they say insults' the prophet muhammed. intonation to people are dead 40 others injured the results of violent protests outside the u.s. embassy there. the school was empty and there were no reports of injuries. faith based organizations are urged to report suspicious activity that could indicate pre operational plotting against faith based communities in the u.s.. and two marines received the congressional medal of honor today they were part of a group known as the montfort marines who trained at a base in montfort north carolina. today they were honored for their contribution the marines and the wider american society. it's a beautiful after all these years to be recognized it makes you feel great. >> president roosevelt gave african-americans the opportunity to be recruit
pouring into town. >> anyone who knows barack obama knows he was removed from the political traditional machine >> there is a stark comparison between the candidates when people take a hard look at it they will know what to do >> this is a day of protest in the streets of charlotte... many here from chicago. >> we are rallying againsfor justice >> we're here mostly end military as sometoday's protest was expected to be the largest of the week. the turnout was actually a relatively small >> more to come this week... >> they will have live reports all week on our morning news midday news and the news at 5 and 9. >> there was a freight train derailed on chicago's southwest side early this morning. the crash cut power to homes but nearby residents were scared from injury >> because of the crash is under investigation. the focus right now was on cleanup. clearing the elevated tracks and removing the freight cars that fell to grumble of >> tonight workers are still cleaning up the mast...ess... >> i heard the noise. boom! >> the noise lasted for about 20 seconds... i knew something
and military-style movement and have come after our diplomatic station. president barack obama and hillary clinton visited today at the state department the president said he was stepping up security at embassies worldwide. and he condemned the attack and pledged to hunt down the perpetrators but challenger mitt romney accused him of weak leadership. >> we will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act and make no mistake justice will be done. >> american leadership is still sorely needed. >> the flag at the white house and the u.s. capitol lowered to half staff today. lawmakers on both sides of the isla condemned the attack offering condolences to the families of the victims. coming up fish oil fans find out that it may not be so fabulous after all just fishy. everything apple promised, a tax hike today and a look at the upgrade. lollapalooza cleanup by the numbers. disappointing news about omega three's, taking this supplement does help lower blood pressure and triglycerides but according to a review of 20 different studies in more than 70,000 peop
. but arne.duncan and the obama administration have been very helpful in this race to the top help in chicago get what it needs to achieve thank you. >>that was mayor rahm emanuel discussing the teacher's strike ... good afternoon i'm dina bair >>i'm nancy loo in for steve sanders this is the first teacher's strike in 25 years in chicago both sides are back at the bargaining table tonya francisco is live with the latest at school board headquarters mayor rahm emanuel said those talks resume-1130 this morning the big lines are still going strong here at the school board headquarters and the more than 600 schools across the city ... this is the first time chicago public schoolteachers have walked the picket line in 25 years ... they are loud and they are proud but this middle school teacher says he's nervous: >>whenever you forgo a paycheck for the sake of righteousness it's not easy ... >>bye he says the chicago teachers union had no choice he saw a tremendous impact on black and brown teachers as the turnaround of the schools continued ... >>as a black male i represent a minority of the t
november, president obama signed into law legislation to award the montford point marines the congressional gold medal for their contributions to the marine corps and american society. in 1941, president roosevelt signed an executive order allowing african-americans to be recruited in the marine corps. they trained at montford point north carolina. there are about 500 montford marines still living today. another reason to call your dog -- man's best friend. an organization in tennesse is training dogs to help daibetics. ann walling collects swabs and t-shirts with saliva and sweat samples from diabetics when their sugar levels drop below 70. the distinct scent diabetics put off during these sugar lows is first introduced to dogs in their crates at dinner time, then in containers as part of a game and eventually the scent is planted on the owners body for the dog to react. the trainer started the program because her son was diabetic. the fear for me was that if during the night his blood sugar would decline none of us would know this ... most family dogs can become diabetic alert dogs. but
remembering 911. the president and mrs. obama with ceremonies at the white house and that the pentagon 125 people lost their lives at the pentagon. his message for all of those touched by the attack. >> this is especially difficult for all of you the families of nearly 3000 innocents who lost their lives mothers fathers husbands and wives wives and daughterssons and daughters. >> romney was in chicago this morning and stopped by the fire station at o'hare while catching a flight for nevada at the fire house he shook hands with some of the fire men and women who gave a moment of silence is a tribute to those who died in the attacks. people across the chicago area participated in public events to remember those killed in that horrific event in our nation's history. >> on a bright morning much like september 11, 2001 a couple thousand students from low charter schools on west 47th held up american flags as the larger school flag was lowered to half staff just part of the fervent patriotism displayed during a ceremony to remember 911. the day terrorist crashed passenger planes into four sit
and posted online nearly half of all americans will vote for president barack obama because they rely on government support. they believe that they are entitled to health care to food to housing. >> it was once thought of as an alternative to sex, but new information and it suggests that it sexting kurt justines to engage in risky behavior. students who were in school today get an out of this world a lesson from buzz aldrin. >> the dangers of sexting expand way beyond the phone, a new study finds that teenagers who sext are engaging in sex teenagers to admit they are also sexually active and in the final analysis of nearly 2000 teenagers reachresearchers found that teenagers who send explicit text messages are seven times more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior. >> if you want your kids to get the message about healthy eating choose your words carefully instead of carrots serve x-ray vision carrots or power paunch broccoli. when vegetables were relabeled on lunch room labels consumption increased dramatically students a 56% of the x-ray vision carrots compared to 32 percen
officials say the last of several hundred troops from the surge has left the country. president obama ordered 33,000 additional troops to afghanistan in 2009 .. to quash a taliban resurgence. their goal was to stabilize the country so u.s. and international trainers could develop afghan security forces. 68,000 american troops are still in afghanistan ... the same number as in late 2008. sixteen members of a renegade amish community in rural eastern ohio were convicted of federal hate crimes. prosecutors said samuel mullet senior, and 15 of his followers forcibly shaved the beards and cut the hair of amish people who had left his group over religious disagreements. in the amish faith, hair and beards are sacred religious symbols. the judge is expected to sentence them between 15 and 20 years in prison. new allegations have surfaced about jerry sandusky involving a child porn ring. a man who says he was a former child prostitute claims sandusky, was involved in a tri-state child porn ring along with the late "poly prep" football coach, phil foglietta. greg bucceroni claims that back
was leaked, the obama campaign is using mitt romney's own words in its latest ad. the ad uses direct quotes from romney at a recent fdraiser, where he said 47 percent of the country saw themselves as victims who are entitled to help from the government. romney has since said his campaign is for all americans. both candidates are taking on foreign policy ten days before the first debate. on last night's 60 minutes the president was asked whether he faced pressure to be more aggressive on iran's nuclear program. >>when it comes to our national security decisions and the pressure that i feel is simply to do what is right for the american people and i am going to block out any noise that is out there ... >>the president has a foremanforeign policy that is characterized as leading from behind that for me is being a follower the romney campaign says the president's attitude over israel is the latest evidence of his chronic disregard for the security of our closest ally in the middle east. it's been over 100 years, but the wife of abraham lincoln is getting another day in court. a chicago court
chicagos murder rate and the unthinkable nature of police. >> michelle obama stopped at a talk show studio today. later we caught her heading into one of two fund-raisers for the president or she was a guest speaker of course she told her audience is that barack is fighting for all of this and deserves a second term. the regular referees are finally back in the nfl the union that represents the officials reached a new contract deal much to the release of the player's fans and coaches the agreement referees will see their salaries rise to 205,000 by 2019. the league will offer a 401k type benefit and the commissioner apologized and this is what the fans are worried about. >> labor negotiations and labor- management disputes are difficult periods and what is most difficult about it is you have two parties but you have a lot of parties outside the room. we are sorry to have to bring our fans to that and the general public for that. >> this agreement will be good for eight years the union's 121 members will vote tomorrow and saturday and they routh their first game tonight. bears players als
to mental health problems since june 10th. the battleground moves to virginia today... as president obama and mitt romney mark the third straight day the candidates are campaigning in the same state. romney appeared at a veterans event in springfield, virginia. he warned voters that military cuts proposed by the white house would have a major impact on virginia. the impact would be significant and immediate here in virginia 160,000 jobs could be lost in virginia as a result of this defense cut move ... romney also released a new ad today aimed at coal miners. it includ video of obama as a candidate in 2008 saying he would support laws to force emitters of greenhouse gases to buy allowances at auction. polls show romney trailing president barack obama in just about every one of the swing states. the president just wrapped up his speech to supporters in virginia beach. obama is still hammering romney over his secretly recorded comments at a florida fundraiser. obama has a slight lead in the state, but undecided voters make it close. the president's campaign is buying tv time in seven bat
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